Irrigation systems

in Wilmington, Leland & Brunswick

Irrigation Installation and Service in Wilmington, NC

JB Lawn Sprinklers, Inc. installs commercial and residential sprinkler systems including rotary, mist, and drip. In addition to installing new systems; we also add on to, service and maintain existing systems.

The cost of a sprinkler system will vary depending on the property. The main determining factor is the total number of sprinkler heads it will take to properly irrigate your yard. At JB Lawn Sprinklers, Inc., we combine the best products available and superior design to ensure the most efficient system possible. All JB Lawn Sprinklers, Inc. irrigation systems come with a 2 year hassle-free warranty on all products and workmanship.

In most cases, hiring a professional will save you money in the long run. Expert design and installation ensures even coverage between sprinkler heads and eliminates the need to over-water.

Let JB Lawn Sprinklers, Inc. customize a sprinkler system to suit your particular needs. Whether it's grass, shrubs, flowers or gardens, we can help!